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At Scangoods we pride in customers' safety and protection.

  • You scan, we verify.
  • We protect, you use.
  • Call us: 08088515604.
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  • Facebook: Scangoods
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  • Address: 12,Igbobi Sabe Street, Jibowu, Yaba Lagos.

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Counterfeit products-use especially drugs create more unfilled vacuum in you when you turn victim. Not only does it rip you of your hard earned money but also your most treasure - Life. more

 What we do

Every person in the world should be able to know if the products they use are genuine or not. Our founders have spent their careers finding ways to protect products and have invented a truly secure mobile product authentication solution, so brand owners can fight counterfeiting and restore trust.

Assure Consumer Safety

At Scangoods, consumer safety is our passion; we ensure that products with scangoods Qr code label verified via our mobile app are not fake.

Brand protection

Through simple-innovative use of mobile app technology, businesses can now generate, download and print scangoods unique Qr codes on products label to secure their brands from counterfeit.

Trace and Track product

Our solution will help your company to track and trace your products along the distribution chain which will help to determine any point of coumterfiting.


Scanreport allows users report suspicious activities of countetfeits in their vicinity, report body reactions observed at the course of product consumption.

Mobile Verfication

Confirm the originality of a product with an instant message whenever you scan a scangoods Qr code crested labelled products via our mobile app.

24/7 Support team
In Scangoods, Our expert team is always available and on hand to help answer your questions, get you started, and grow your presence online. You can report, Call, Chat, Contact us or find us in our office address.

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